Why Players should stay together MORE and Why COMMUNICATION skills are important

Why Players should stay together MORE and Why COMMUNICATION skills are important


A lot of International DotA 2 tournaments are held recently, and more are conducted in the future, just like the Majors, and the TI. Different teams dominate and eliminate their opponents with their unique tactics, drafts and strategies. But that’s not it. There are some teams who stay a while, together with each other for weeks before the tournament.


Just like EG (Evil Geniuses), who lived for a while with each other in one place before going to Xiamen China and the Boston Majors who, did a very good job reaching the semi finals. Their communication was at it’s best, but mistakes were made causing them to lose. But it seems like no one can ruin their relationship and communication as a team. How is that? Well let’s find out ourselves.


Being with your team with exact same place forms and strengthens your bond and communication. Evil Geniuses is one of the best examples of these, who boot camped at their team house on Alameda CA. “The reason of the boot camp was them to figure out how they get together and to figure out how they wanna play together” -Ppd

The result? They knew everybody’s play style and their cooperation was at its max.




Communication is one of the best factors of winning a game. Well, there are some teams who had problems with these just like Fnatic. Having 4 asians ( 2 Chinese, 2 Filipinos) and 1 American. Sadly, Fnatic didn’t make it up to Boston. Their bond as a team was at its best, but communication was really the problem of the team. Having different nationalities would affect the communication because it would result to all the players speaking English, and not everyone is really good at it. Many players just happen to be more comfortable speaking their own language. Well, to fiix this, if everyone of the team has their own language, you just have to train and practice more as a team speaking the language that everybody on the group understands. Second, if everyone on the group has the same nationality but lives on different places of the same country, do not use your own dialect. Instead, use the national native language of your own country so that everybody will understand.


Well, that’s few of the many tips of having a good, strong team. Just don’t forget to practice more with the group and try to dominate opponents. If you guys lose, don’t forget to watch the replay, look for your mistakes, and try not to do it again.

Hi! Im Aaron Zandler Guillermo, 15, part of the News team. I play DOTA2 and Unturned. Dangerously Handsome, Currently studying on high school. I do martial arts, broacasting and many more :)

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