Gold Series Hero League playoffs are on for Dreamhack Sweden!

Every Heroes of the Storm eSports fan will be looking at the current world champions and China’s best teams battling it out for a place at Dreamhack Sweden.

The first round to determine which of the top 8 teams would be in the upper or lower bracket just finished, the real deal can begin on May 5th. MVP Black as well as the 7 best teams of the Chinese region will compete for a 109,000$ prize pool in the next two weeks. The tournament rules are double elimination with Bo5 matches with a Bo7 grand finals. But the real prize of this is the top 2 seeds getting an invite to the Summer Championship in Sweden (Dreamhack Sweden).

The group stage have had no big surprises as respectively MVP and eStar took the top spots of group A while EDG and ZeroPanda did in group B. However, one thing shocked the whole community as MVP dropped 1 game to eStar gaming in their Bo3 matchup. They were on a 41 game winning streak, not losing a single game to anyone since March. Still they took over and won the match, gaining their 28th win in a row. The current standing with the quarterfinals done looks like this:

On the first round, MVP and EDG both did a perfect 3-0 match, sending respectively X-Team and Team YL in the lower bracket. As for OMG and eStar, they had a bit more difficulty: they had to get into a fourth game to grab the win.

The next games will be held on the 5th of May as MVP will take on OMG and eStar will try to beat EDG. As for the Grand Finals, they are set for May 14th.

Last week, eStar showed to the whole word that MVP Black wasn’t invincible. Are the Chinese teams starting to figure out the Koreans or was this just due to the double support and double warrior team composition they used for the game? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

-Guillaume “BigBalls” Poulin

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