COGnitive players drops from the organization

Wednesday, HotS COGnitive roster announced that they would be leaving the organization, looking for new sponsors.

The team, composed of Faye, Cattlepillar, Glaurung, CauthonLuck and Iakona had been with this organization since the month of February. COGnitive’s captain, Cattlepillar, posted on his twitter page that they would participate in the next regionals at Burbank in June with the temporary name Brain power. He also stated in another tweet that they would actively be looking for a new sponsor.

The players were collaborating with COGnitive for a pretty long time, but according to them, they had problems all along with the organization. It seems like it would be the reason of their departure.

glau statement

This roster had qualified for pretty much every North American events ever since they started to play together. Even if they only managed to finish at the third/fourth position in both the ESL Spring Regionals and Dreamhack, COGnitive showed the other teams they really deserved to be one of the best team in the region.

They managed, however, to get one of the first invites for the second Summer Regional in Burbank in June. Finishing second, only succombing to Team Naventic, currently uncontestably the number one team in the region. They showed they were a force to be reckoned with, beating both Tempo Storm and Panda Global in 2-1 matches.

It’s one of the only upsets in the summer roster changes in North America. However, we’ve seen movement aplenty with our cousins back in Europe. After Na’Vi’s disband about two weeks ago, we’ve seen AlexTheProG picked up by Dignitas, leaving Wubby temporarely teamless. Ex-Fnatic player Atheroangel also stated 3 days ago that he would be leaving the organization to join the four remaining member of the ex-navi roster. He said he didn’t want to be the only non-Swede in the team and that’s why he left. They will be playing under the name teh89 and he would be their dedicated warrior. It seems like the only missing piece would be for Wubby to fill Athero’s spot in Fnatic’s roster. The organization hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

It think this move from the COGnitive players showed an important thing for the growing eSports scene: the big organizations shouldn’t always have the last word when situations come. After all, it’s the players who make the competitions what they are and the organizations should realize it.


*EDIT* Fnatic announced this morning the addition of Wubby to the team.

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